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Do you have a business that you want to GROW and MAXIMIZE in the online space?!?! Do you want to TRULY start walking in your purpose and living your passion, while also making it a sustainable career? Then THIS is the coaching group for YOU!
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Coaching Student Testimonials:

Leigh Valentine

Hey!  I’m Leigh Valentine and I am a huge Brooke supporter!  My business is called The Turquoise Valentine.  I joined Brooke’s coaching group in February of 2020.  I knew that I wanted to use my creativity to start a business but I couldn’t have dreamed it would be like this!

I started going live on Facebook just as Brooke taught us.  I was consistent and keep going.  I bought a laser and started selling wood cut outs to my audience.   Then by September of 2020 I left my career of 27 years to come home and work at my dream job!

Brooke teaches real and doable things to achieve a profitable and successful online business.  She is teaching from a place that she has been. She has achieved all the things and is now teaching us how to do just as she did. She brings in experts on all the social media outlets to coach us the best way to use those platforms to grow our business.  You just have to do a little at a time and then over time it adds up to big things!

I enjoy having my own business, being my own boss and doing what I love.  I thank God for Brooke following her dream and then becoming a coach because without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today!  Thank you Brooke for doing what God called you to do!  

Mandy Cochran
I am so incredibly thankful to Brooke for the guidance, knowledge, and encouragement she shares in the coaching group.

When I started the group almost 2 years ago, I did not have a website or even an email list. It wasn’t until joining Brooke’s Creative Circle, with the help of Brooke, her team, along with numerous videos packed full of info in the group, that I was able to launch my very own website on Small Business Saturday in the middle of a pandemic!!

Now, I have a successful website that I can manage, a growing text list, and an email list full of eager customers waiting to hear for the next release, all thanks to Brooke’s teachings!!

She helped take the fear out of doing the big scary things.  Brooke has been a valuable part of my business journey and I am SO SO grateful for her. 
Jamie Blahun
Until I joined Brooke’s Creative Circle over a year ago, the only word I can think to describe my small business journey to that point is - alone.
I felt like I was just out there in this sea of small businesses on my own.
Being a part of the creative circle has been like joining a family that I never even knew I needed and now I can’t imagine this journey without!!

And I cannot possibly list all the things I have learned from Brooke and the huge amount of content that is always accessible to our group. The experts that Brook has brought in to teach us on all manner of things from Facebook to IG to TT and Pinterest, YouTube- all the how tos and what not tos- the weekly live Q and A’s and the list goes on and on.

I have gained so much wisdom and confidence and I literally cannot imagine being without the circle now!
When I miss a live, it’s always posted so I can just do the dishes and watch the replay so I never miss a thing.

Worth every single penny and honestly worth much more! And that’s even with the Canadian dollar exchange rate!! 😂 Love you Brooke! Thank you so much for being so real and so genuine and soooo caring!

What do I get for my $47 monthly investment?

*Smaller group setting with Brooke 

*Weekly Q & A session with Brooke to ask YOUR questions specifically!

*Trainings on topics that are relevant and timely for growth in the online space!

*Actionable steps to take in YOUR business for maximum growth and community building! 

*Tips and tricks that save you TIME and money!

*Business networking, which you will find is EXTREMELY important in the online space!

*Weekly motivation to encourage and uplift and keep you encouraged on your journey!

*Re-Fabbed Boutique coupon code for all members!

*and much more! It is TRULY invaluable!

Why Brooke?

6 years ago, I started my own business. I did not have a single clue what I was doing, but I knew that the first step to being successful was STARTING, so I did!

Throughout the past 6 years, I have learned so many things about business, life, finding yourself and staying true to your dreams and yourself throughout the process.

I have spent countless hours (and dollars) learning all I could so that I could one day help others achieve their dreams with their own business.

I have grown my social media followings to WELL OVER a million followers total, have grown my blog to 1 MILLION + pageviews/month, and I have grown my passion into a successful multi million dollar business online!  

I CAN help you too! 

You have to invest in yourself and in your business to get to the place you want to be! Dreams don't work unless you do! Let me help you get there!

Brooke's Creative Circle only opens a couple times a year.
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